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Free Data Recovery Evaluation

MDS will provide a free data recovery evaluation for all drives received. This evaluation shall consist of an analysis of the electrical and mechanical components, along with an evaluation of the available data which is recorded on the media to determine the cause of failures preventing the access of the data. MDS shall provide the customer with a cost for completion of the data recovery after performing this analysis.

If the evaluation indicates that some, but not all, of the data recorded on the drive is recoverable, MDS shall request the customer provide us with "target data". This is the data which the customer cannot readily recreate, and recovery of which justifies the cost of the data recovery.

In the event that MDS is not able to recover the customer's target data, or if the customer chooses not to have the work performed because of the cost, MDS shall return the customer's drive or media to the customer via UPS Ground Service at no cost to the customer. If the customer requests special return shipping, or for international orders, the customer shall provide for shipping.

Method of Payment

We accept VISA, Master Card and American Express credit cards. Corporate P.O.'s are welcome with terms of Net 30 days.

Non-Disclosure Policy

MDS agrees to hold any and all information obtained from client's media, in the performance of recovering client's data, in the strictest confidence and shall take every precaution to ensure that client's data shall not be divulged to any third party (except as provided by law) without the express written consent of the client.