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Instructions for Sending Your Drive for Data Recovery

Hard Drive

Carefully remove your drive from the computer.

We prefer that you send only the bare drive to us. Please contact us if you are not sure how to remove your drive from your computer. If you must send us your computer, call us and we will assist you with the packaging and shipping requirements. (Note: Our free evaluation includes return shipping by UPS Ground Service, in the continental US, for the drive only. If you must send us the computer, there will be a charge for return shipping.)

Packaging your hard drive: Enclose your drive in an anti-static bag to prevent damage from electrostatic discharges. If available to you, pack the drive in the manufacturer's original shipping package. We recommend you place the drive in a sturdy corrugated cardboard box with heavy foam padding approximately 4 inches thick completely surrounding the drive.

Drives Damaged by Water: If the drive has sustained water damage by flood or other disaster, please enclose the drive in a sealed plastic bag, to prevent drying out, and ship it to us immediately. Our special handling for data recovery from water damaged drives works best if we receive the drive before the media or other mechanical components dries out.

Other Media

For all removable media we recommend either the manufacturer's original container or packaging specifically designed for shipping the type of media you are sending. These are available for all popular types of removable media. If the media is damaged by water please enclose it in a sealed bag before it dries.

Special Requirements

Please contact us if you have special shipping requirements or you need additional shipping instructions. You will be contacted as soon as we receive the drive to confirm arrival and as soon as possible by a service technician with the results of the evaluation. Remember, NO DATA RECOVERY.......NO CHARGE!

Ship to:

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