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Frequently Asked Questions About Data Recovery

Q. How much does data recovery cost ?

A. Data recovery is, quite honestly, an expensive process. Most data recovery projects require hours of painstaking work by highly qualified technicians constantly watching every detail involved in recovering the data from a failed hard disk drive (or other media). We hope you understand that the cost of state of the art equipment and highly qualified personnel is necessary to ensure that we recover all of your data possible. Data recovery is cost effective, despite the apparently high cost, if you consider the costs incurred recreating hundreds of documents or entering hundreds (or even thousands) of accounting transactions.

Q. How long does it take to recover my data ?

A. Typically, data recovery projects from a failed hard disk drive take 3 to 5 working days; however, every data recovery project is different. We will complete our evaluation within 24 hours of receiving your hard disk drive. We can then give you a projection of the time required to complete your data recovery, along with a firm price quote.

Q. How is my recovered data returned to me ?

A. Typically your recovered data will be returned to you on DVD'S, a loner drive or flash drive. We have found this to be the best under most circumstances. We have had cases where drives containing days worth of work recovering a client's valuable data was rendered useless by poor handling during shipping. While we maintain a copy of the data we recover for thirty days to cover such situations, the additional delay and extra work involved is an inconvenience for all.

Q. Will all of my data be recovered ?

A. There are many factors which affect the amount of data which can be recovered. If the drive has physically "crashed", causing the heads to come in contact with the drive's magnetic media, the information stored in the areas where the media is damaged cannot be recovered. Sometimes this area is critical to the operation of the drive and prevents us from recovering any data at all. Most of the time; however, this condition will cause the loss of some directories or files, or cause some of the data contained within certain files to be lost.

If the drive has not crashed, you can expect us to recover most, if not all, of your data. One factor affecting the degree of success in these situations is the amount of fragmentation in your files. Fragmented files can often be corrupted during the data recovery process due to the limitations of locating all of pieces of the file. While recovery of these files is possible, the cost of doing so would be extraordinary. We strongly recommend the use of reliable defragmentation software to improve the chance of recovering all of your data (if it's not too late).

Q. If you are unable to recover my data, do I still have to pay for the service ?

A. If your particular circumstances prevent us from recovering all of your data, we will request that you provide us with "target data". This is the data which you need recovered to justify the cost of the data recovery. Obviously, if all we recover is your application files (which can usually be reinstalled), but the data created with the applications is lost, this won't be of much value to you. Many data recovery companies say there is no charge if they don't recover any data, but what if the data they recover is insignificant or readily replaceable?

Our policy is that if we don't recover your "target data", there is no charge.